Your Spirit Animals

Everything is energy. The energy of our spirit animals empowers us and gives us a boost to be the best versions of ourselves. Once we connect with that energy, we feel it in our bones, in our soul. We feel more whole, more like our true selves.

Do have a bear spirit with you? Bear and snake spirits are often associated with people who are healers at their core. Or do you have a hawk or a falcon? Winged creatures are often with people who have a strong spiritual connection. Or do you have a bee, a dragon, an elephant, maybe a hummingbird, or a deer, a turtle, a panther, a lizard, or a dragonfly...? All animals are unique and help us feel a closer connection to our true selves. Many people want to know their spirit animal out of curiosity. It sounds like a fun thing to know (especially for animal and nature lovers) and they're interested to see how their animal aligns with them. What kind of animal does an active person have? How about someone who loves to learn? or someone who's more sensitive, or strong, or wise, or more right brained, or left brained? While the animal that’s found during a spirit animal retrieval is fun and interesting, what's often more meaningful for the person is hearing the message and gifts their animal has for them.

For example, during a spirit animal retrieval session with one gentleman, a snake came forward; however, the snake said it was actually a serpent (an old-school term that suited this man). The serpent then shed its skin and grew much larger to show that this man was capable of growing more if he chose, and he had the energetic support to do so. Upon hearing the message, he knew what it meant, and he gave an encouraged smile.

During a separate retrieval session with a lady, an owl came forward. There was a strong sense of wisdom associated with her (she rolled her eyes at the cliché), but her owl had an important message: Her owl told her to remember that owls don’t just sit still on a branch all day. They also fly, and not only do they fly, they're very skilled flyers able to navigate swiftly at night with great precision and ease. Her jaw dropped a bit, and she looked amused and validated as she explained what the message of support meant to her.

Our spirit animals are with us to help and support us. We only need to connect with them and let them help. Most people have one or more spirit animals around them at any point during their life. There’s usually a main spirit animal, which some people call our power animal, that’s often closely connected to a person’s true nature, and may stay with a person most of their life. There may also be other animals on the periphery or animals that drift in and out of a person’s life to help with specific support for whatever the person is going through at the time, whether it’s related to love, family, work, etc.

During a spirit animal retrieval, a shamanic practitioner meets the person’s spirit animal (it could be more than one) and connects their animal’s energy with them. People often feel a stronger sense of identity by being connected to their main animal (their power animal), or a person may feel more support in an area of their life by being connected with an animal that brings a specific kind of help for that area. Once the animal is found and that energy is connected, it’s then up to the person to maintain that connection, to respect it and honor it. Some people do this with some sort of reminder of that animal in a place where they'll see it each day. It’s like developing a connection with a new friend, but in this case the new friend is a part of you. It's a sacred and personal connection, one that isn’t meant to be shared with just anyone. It's one to hold closely. You can meditate on your animal and talk, ask questions or ask for help. The more you invite your animal to be with you, the closer your connection will be, and it's an amazing connection to have. One that helps you feel closer to yourself, closer to nature, and supported.

To reconnect with your spirit animal, please contact me.

Much Love,


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