Shamanism is an ancient form of healing used with the intention of addressing the energetic or spiritual roots of issues, injuries and illnesses. This ceremony includes three parts: drumming and chanting, energy clearing and healing, and empowerment in the form of a spirit animal retrieval or soul retrieval. Sometimes we can feel blocked, stuck, or disconnected from our true self, and thus from the world around us. This is a healing to help you reconnect and come back into balance with your true self so you can move forward. Whether it's done to help heal a specific issue or done for maintenance, this is a powerful ceremony to address your energy and bring you lightness, balance, and empowerment. For more information about shamanism, please see this blog post. 

Psychic Medium Readings

Readings can be intuitively reading your energy and your dynamic with other people or experiences in order to answer a question or get more clarity, it be communicating with a passed loved one for you, or both.

Energy Healing

Similar to Reiki, this session infuses and moves healing energy through you to support the body's natural healing process.

Home Healing

An in-person visit to your home or business to sense the energy of it and do a healing ceremony.

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