"My session with Pete was everything I hoped for and more. Pete was able to connect with my recently departed mother & my father. Not only was Pete able to share what they wanted me to know, I was able to ask questions and receive much needed insight. Pete’s skilled mediumship abilities helped me to begin moving forward and progress in my healing. In addition, the animals I was sharing space with very clearly recognized Pete’s connection to Shamanism and all three animals made a point of going over to Pete and showing their respect. Both the animal confirmations and my session was impressive and very helpful. I often reflect on that session."


- Debby Stein, Jun 2017

medium reading with the horses at Possibilities Farm

"I highly recommend seeing Pete. I was struggling with an unknown attached energy that was just draining! About a week after seeing him I was able to identify as well as address and release what I was going through. His follow up and summary were as delightful as our healing session."


- Sherri Gallina, Jun 2018

shamanism healing session

"Thank you for sitting with me yesterday. It was such a powerful session, thank you for your authentic guidance. After my nerves settled, I felt as if I was speaking to an old friend, so thank you."


- Rebecca, Jan 2019

intuitive reading

"Wanted to say thank you so much for the generous session today in both time and energy. It was exactly what I needed at this time, and I am very grateful. I will certainly recommend you to those seeking energetic and spiritual support!"


- Betsy, Oct 2018

shamanic healing session

"The first time I worked with Pete, I was curious but had no idea what to expect. He journeyed to me and it was amazing.  What a powerful deep meditation! I could feel the depth of spirit work being done. And when he returned to tell me what my spirit animal had to offer to guide me, I was amazed. I had a feeling of knowing, in that it all felt absolutely true, but more like a reminder of my potential should I choose. It felt like home, a place I knew I belonged but had forgotten. With Pete’s help and the urging of my spirit animal, I was able to remember the lighter happier side of myself.


The second time I worked with Pete, I had been stuck on a specific issue. I knew I wanted to move forward but couldn’t identify the resistance. Pete suggested a shamanic soul retrieval and it was unreal. He has the ability to be incredibly sensitive yet powerful in the depth of spirit work he does. From that soul retrieval he identified two specific incidences that were holding me back. I could clearly see the limiting beliefs I had left from those circumstances which happened when I was so young. The relief it provided immediately was surprising – but the lasting lesson is priceless!


I’m so grateful for the work that Pete does. I encourage you to treat yourself to a little connection with your spirit!"


- Crystal, 2015

shamanic healing work:

spirit animal retrieval and soul retrieval


"Wonderful... thank you for such an amazing reading."


- Jane, Oct 2018

intuitive reading

"I wanted to let you know I've been feeling very good...I feel very peaceful and content. I wanted to say thank you because it's been such a difference. I feel a lot like myself again...I feel clear and happy."


- Stefany, Nov 2018

shamanic healing session

"Pete, thank you so much for my Medium reading last week! It was amazing how you were immediately able to connect me to my grandmother and share such beautiful and encouraging messages to me from her. Those words gave me a renewed appreciation for how our angels are always around us. That coupled with your psychic insights regarding my career path left me feeling motivated and totally inspired to take steps to make big changes in my life."


- Regina, Jun 2017

medium reading

"Thank you SO much Pete! It was a wonderful session."


- Lisa, Nov 2017

intuitive reading

"Hi! Thank you so much for an amazing session yesterday. I feel so great - lighter but more connected and both my foot and neck are for sure further along in the healing process!!"


- Sarah, December 2019

shamanism healing session

"Thank you so much for yesterday and for creating such an awesome group! I've never understood what my sensitivity meant and have felt never felt so accepted in spite of it or rather because of it."


- Jennifer, July 2019

after attending intuitive group

"Thank you so much for the great drum circle/shamanic journeying gathering! I have been to several drum circles but I really felt such an incredible energy after we stopped drumming and sat in meditation. I also liked your "gentle style"... I am looking forward to attending your next circle."


- Alisa, Feb 2019

drum circle,

guided shamanic journey

"I just experienced a Shamanic session with Pete. WOW! So powerful. Soul Retrieval, extractions, remembering my true self. Bringing me back to me. Thank you Pete. The contribution that you put out with your gifts are so healing and so appreciated by this soul."


- Dr. Jill Capalbo, Apr 2018

Shamanic healing session

"I have had the benefit of receiving intuitive readings, remote shamanic work, and house clearings from Pete. He is a complete gift! He works with gentle respect and clear intentions. His connection to himself and to spirit allows him to trust fully in the work, opening up to receive wisdom and guidance for his clients. He is a natural intuitive and watching him continue to expand his work to help others is a pure joy. He has a fluidity and dexterity to his skills that allows him to work well with almost any situation. I highly recommend consulting Pete when you feel stuck, need support, or are in need of guidance on your journey."

- Liz Eyerman, 2017

readings, shamanic healings, house clearings

"Pete did a spirit animal retrieval for me, and it was an amazing experience. During a separate experience a few years later, Pete did a shamanic soul retrieval for me. After the retrieval was complete, I felt lighter and freer than I had in years on an emotional level. Pete uncovered a splintered area of my childhood that had carried over into adulthood, a piece of my soul, which helped me undergo a profound healing. Pete is a talented, deeply spiritual person - but above all, Pete is just a truly kind soul who cares about others and wishes to use his talents to help people. We all need healing, and Pete understands this. I recommend his services with the highest respect."


- Stephanie Double, 2016

shamanic healing work:

spirit animal retrieval and soul retrieval

"I am so grateful to Pete for speaking to me about spirit guides, their meaning and the symbolism behind them.  It left me with a profound sense of clarity, and helped me reconnect with nature and my surroundings. We need more people like Pete to share their gifts and insights to help us get in touch with the energy and the elements around us. During this heightened time of uncertainty and anxiety, we need intuitive people to ground, and to guide us toward the light within."


- Camilla, 2014

intuitive session

"I was drawn to Pete's directness and ability to quickly identify issues and evoke transformation in me on a spiritual level. I did a shamanic soul retrieval with Pete, and it was an incredibly deep experience during and after which I felt uplifted by a profound clarity. This experience brought into focus a major issue in my life, which was a significant healing for me. After the soul retrieval, I felt physically and emotionally lighter, and thus empowered to move forward in my life in a way that I had never been able to before. Pete is a very powerful and amazing practitioner and I highly recommend his services."


- Paul Double, 2016

shamanic soul retrieval