Pete is a shamanic practitioner, a psychic medium, and an energy healer who does work with clients, focusing on shamanic healing, psychic medium readings, and energy healing (e.g. Reiki). He also does healings of homes, offices and properties. Sessions are done individually and he does group work with intuitive development classes, guided meditations, introduction to shamanism workshops, drum circles, and guided shamanic journeys. Since childhood, he's been fascinated with the spiritual world and noticed he was very sensitive to the energy of other people and places. At the same time, he held a passion for science and a desire to understand the dynamics of the physical world. Pete began exploring his interests and experiences more deeply as an adult by studying and practicing meditation, psychic development, shamanism, and mediumship. His shamanic studies and practice has been with teachers of core, Lakota, and Peruvian methods.  Pete's mediumship studies have included an ethical mediumship course at The Arthur Findlay College for spiritualism and psychic sciences in England, and a mediumship masterclass taught by John Holland and Janet Nohavec, both of whom are international evidential mediums and AFC approved tutors. He's also studied other energy practices, including tai chi, qi gong, herbalism, and Reiki. Pete believes spiritual / energy healing work is meant to be both sacred and light, and he uses a compassionate approach with the intention of helping others.

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